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T-Shirt Catalog Template Photoshop

How You Write T-Shirt Catalog to Advertise Fashion Products to Customers

Working as designers means that you have to sell the products you design on your own to clients. It is not that easy, but it gives so much profit when it does. To advertise fashion products, there is a catalog to help you present all. The T-shirt catalog, for instance, can be designed fashionably.

It does not matter even if the T-shirt is the simplest kind of clothes when it comes to fashion. Yet, you need to be informative too here. So, let us tell you what could be done to the template to make the catalog decent enough for clients.

Step #1 to Make the Shirt Catalog

Cover and table of contents are obvious. They have to be there and you can go with the usual way of making the cover. As for the table of contents, it is okay to make them into the list just like in books commonly. The next page, however, will be the page meant for the About Us section. You do know what it is, right?

This particular section in the catalog template is for T-shirt designers or brand owners to tell about themselves. After all, you are advertising your work. People should know about you and the brand as well before the products presented.

Step #2 to Make the Shirt Catalog

After the About Us section, Our Team section comes next. Surely, you are not working on things on your own. Behind great work, there must be a great team to help you realize that. That’s why this particular catalog page should be dedicated to the members. Put a photo of your team captured in the free pose.

It would look nice to have the members wear a T-shirt for your brand too. Below the team image, you can write about them and how the team can contribute to the making of the products. One paragraph long should be enough.

Step #3 to Make the Shirt Catalog

Next, there should be the Our Services section. Surely, you don’t only sell ready-made products, right? Be sure to make good use of this space to advertise your services as well. T-shirt services vary by much. You can offer T-shirt customization and garment alteration to make it meet customer needs.

T shirt Catalog Template Example

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T shirt Catalog Template Design

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PSD Template For T shirt Catalog

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You might as well offer return and exchange policy that applies for a certain amount of time, and animo online to make it possible for customers to buy online. T-shirt products should be well sold in this manner. Don’t you all think so?

Step #4 to Make the Shirt Catalog

Lastly, we can finally show customers our range of products. There are few pages to be used for this section of the catalog. Put your product images in two rows with a three-column page layout. Below each image, do tell the readers about the design, size, and price of the product. Do make it brief but clear.

You are free to lay the photos in different page layout, such as two images in two rows or one full image on one page. The variety will make a statement in your T-shirt catalog. That way, this book will live up its name in fashion sense.

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