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Barbershop Rack Card

Free Barbershop Rack for Interest More Potential Customers

Opening a new barbershop is a good idea of business. Well, a barbershop is a business that has a large market target and high potential profit. However, in order to get more potential customers, you need to do more promotions. Here, we will talk to you about the free barbershop rack card.

Do you ever hear about a rack card before? Based on a statistic, today, a rack card becomes one of the most effective media for promotion. This card is unique to tell about the kinds of business that you run, including the barbershop.

What is a Barbershop Rack Card PSD?

Before talking more about the rack card and the promotion way using it, of course, it will be good for you to know the meaning of a rack card. Well, a rack card is a document that is used for commercial purposes. It promotes your business by spreading’s important information.

A rack card is also known as an expanded business card. It has at least 4 x 9-inches in size, so there will be more space to write the information of your barbershop. As its name, a rack card is placed on a rack. In common, it occurs in some strategic places.

Basic Information of Barbershop Rack Card PSD

There is some basic information to add inside a rack card. Of course, the information will show the whole detail of your business. Some information to add in making a rack card are:

  • Name of your barbershop

The name of a business is very essential to add in the space of a rack card. Write the name of your business uniquely. You may apply a unique font with a larger size here.

  • Basic identity of a business

The basic identity of a business becomes an essential part of a rack card. Besides a name, some other information such as an address, contact number, service hour, and others should be added well.

  • Illustration

Adding an illustration is effective to make a good rack card. An illustration could be the imagination of the business. You may add the image of barbershop to share on it.

Tips to Make a Good Barbershop Rack PSD

These are also some tips to understand before making a rack card. First, you need to prepare the data for your promotion. Complete the data and make sure that it is clear.

On another hand, you also need to make an interesting and appropriate design. The design is key to the rack card. With an interesting design, of course, your rack card will look greater.

Sample Barbershop Rack Card Template

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PSD Barbershop Rack Card Template

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Barbershop Rack Card Template Sample

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  • psd

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Then, try to be effective in inserting the promotion material. You need to insert some information there but please make sure that the information should be simple and not too long.

Download Free Barbershop Rack Card Template PSD

To help you create a good rack card, you may find the free barbershop rack card template on this page. Applying a template will be useful because it offers easiness in making a rack card. You could edit the material inside the template and get the best rack card only in minutes.

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