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Photo Wedding Invitation Template

Tips to Make a Photo Wedding Invitation Template

The photo wedding invitation template contains the photos of the couple that shares the beauty period of their life. You can also include an artificial wedding photo but it is not recommended since it tends to make it a bit superficial. In this article, we will give some important & useful tips to you all.

How to Make a Photo Wedding Invitation Template

A Photo wedding invitation should be created carefully. First of all, you have to decide on the photo that you will include in the invitation. Make sure that it is a romantic photo of the couple. For example, it can be a photo of the couple kissing each other, hugging each other, or something else that looks romantic.

About the photo wedding invitation wording, you have to keep it simple but clear. For example, you can begin with “Please join us as we celebrate our wedding!” Or you can opt to write “We are delighted to invite to come to our wedding ceremony”. Just make it clear that you want him or she attends it.

Then, do not forget to include the name of the couple. It should only be the nickname. For example, it is “Jonathan & Jennifer”. The name of the couple should be emphasized. You can use the bolded fonts or enlarged fonts. Make sure that it is the call name so that the invitees will recognize the couple’s name.

After that, what you will have to provide is the date. It must be clear and specific. Here, you should mention the day, date, month, year and the specific time. It can also be broken down into ceremony and reception. So, the time must be stated specifically for ceremony & reception. Let the invitees know it.

You also need to inform the location of the wedding party. Sometimes, the location of the wedding ceremony is different from the location of the wedding reception. Anyway, you just need to state the location in detail. Mention the name of the building and the address as completely as possible.

It is also a good idea to add a certain message. For example, you can write “Save the date!” on the invitation. It means that you hope that the persons you invite to come or attend. So, you want that the invitees to remember the date. You can use unique fonts to make it look cool.

Photo Wedding Invitation Template Design

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Photo Wedding Invitation Template Ideas

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PSD Template For Photo Wedding Invitation

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Alternatively, you can also say “See you!” You may also simply write “Don’t forget to come!” Anyway, it just aims to remind the invitees to attend the wedding party. However, if you think that it is not needed, you can also skip it and keep it simple.

In creating a photo wedding invitation template, you also have to plan the background properly. The background should be simple but elegant. You can also add romantic elements like a heart shape. Flowers also belong to the best ideas for the background of this invitation. Then, invite your families, friends, etc.

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