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Office Birthday Invitation Template

Tips How to Make an Office Birthday Invitation Template

When your office was officially launched? You have always to remember it so that you can hold your office birthday. You can invite many people to make the party merrier. Therefore, it is very important to discuss the office birthday invitation template in this article below.

Tips in Making an Office Birthday Invitation Template

Before you start writing, you have to decide the type of office birthday invitation letter. There are some types of invitation to an office birthday. One of them is the office birthday email invitation. It does not require you to print the invitations and you just need to send it via email to everyone in the office.

The second type is a formal office birthday invitation. If you have an idea to hold an in-house birthday party for your office and you expect a high-level decorum with a formal party, then you can consider this. Even though it is formal, you can still express yourself in the party.

Then, there is also a funny office birthday invitation. It can lighten up the mood. It will convey a relaxed mood for the people who are invited. Besides that, it will also flow into the actual birthday party. Here, you can consider funny invitation shapes or funny elements.

You can also consider an office birthday launch invitation. It is appropriate for you who want to hold an office birthday by having a fun lunch. Lunch can be the most convenient time to decide. So, it can be an excellent option.

Another type is an outdoor office birthday invitation. If your office has an open area that can be used to hold a party, you can consider this idea. The outdoor office birthday party will be very exciting. You can decorate the outdoor space to be much more enjoyable.

Now, you can start writing the office birthday party invitation. So, you have to think about the wording. It usually begins with the purpose of the invitation. For example, you can write “Let’s Celebrate”, “Join Us”, “Office’s 5th Birthday”, etc. Let the invitees know that it is an office birthday invitation.

After that, you have to include the needed information. You cannot forget including the date and time. It must be stated as specific as possible including the day, date, month, year and specific time. For example, you can write “Saturday, 2 November 2019 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.”.

Office Birthday Invitation Design Template

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Office Birthday Invitation Design Ideas

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Then, you will also need to state the location. To state the location, you have to mention the name of the building. However, it must be more specific by mentioning the complete and clear address. For example, you can simply write on the invitation “Blue House, 2919 Mallory Court Philadelphia, PA”.

If there is something to say, you have to add it to the office birthday invitation template. For example, you can inform the invitees to bring a sleeping bag & pillow. Or you inform the invitees to bring a certain dress code. Or you tell them that there will be a big gift to make the invitee’s enthusiasm to come.

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