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Event Rack Card

Event Rack Card Templates and Guidelines

A rack card is an advertising tool that can be used in almost any organization or business. It is popular for tradeshows, waiting-areas, showrooms, lobbies, etc. If you want to organize an event, you can also let people know about it through a rack card. In this case, you will need an event rack card.

Tips in Creating an Event Rack Card

If you want to make a good event rack card PSD, there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, make sure that you include the contact information of your business so that people will be able to contact you easily. It may include your company’s address, telephone, website, email, and even social media.

Besides that, you also need to make sure that your rack card contains a visible call-to-action message. For example, you should ask people to buy your products or use your services. In relation to an event rack card, you should ask people to come to the event you are going to organize.

Then, it is also important to proofread your event rack card PSD template. You cannot forget it. After you are done creating your rack card, make sure that you check it once again to make sure that there is no grammar mistake and spelling error. Anyway, you have to make your rack card as perfect as possible.

Last but not least, you will have to print your rack card excellently. In this step, make sure that you do not use a low-quality printer and paper. You also need to think about the proper finish whether it is matte or glossy. Make sure that the size is also appropriate for the standard professional rack cards.

Event Rack Card PSD Samples

A collection of event rack card PSD samples can be found in this article. One of the examples is a ballet rack card. It is used to let people know that there will be a ballet dance show. Besides that, there is also a music live rack card. This rack card is very effective to advertise a live music show.

Sample Event Rack Card Template

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PSD Event Rack Card Template

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Event Rack Card Template Sample

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Actually, there are still many other samples such as a football match rack card, a business grand opening rack card, a wedding party rack card, a graduation celebration rack card, a baby shower rack card, a Halloween party rack card, a Christmas party rack card, and many more.

How to Make an Event Rack Card

If you want to make your own rack card, you have to think about the proper event rack card PSD format. To make a good rack card, you can start with the name of the event you want to organize. After that, you have to include important information related to the event.

At least, your rack card must state the location and date & time of the event completely and clearly. You may also need to add other important details of the information on your event rack cards such as the agenda, sponsors, and contact information.

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